Welcome to the Office of Professional Responsibility

The Nevada Department of Public Safety considers the professional conduct of its employees to be paramount. The DPS Office of Professional Responsibility (formerly known as Internal Affairs) is charged with investigation of complaints regarding an employee's conduct or our policies. A thorough, complete, objective investigation is conducted on all complaints.

If you desire to file a complaint against any employee of the DPS, you may contact the DPS offices in the local area, or contact DPS Headquarters in Carson City.

Once DPS Office of Professional Responsibility has received your complaint, an investigator will be assigned and you will be contacted to further clarify your concerns. The investigator will also provide further information regarding the DPS's complaint investigation process.

Complaints of a serious nature must be filed on the DPS Complaint Form (DO300) and must contain the signature of the complainant. You may download the DPS Complaint Acceptance Form (DO300) below.

DO300 Complaint Acceptance Form (pdf)

This file can be filled out online and printed, however the forms can not be saved in their current format unless you have the full version of "Adobe Acrobat."

Completed DO300 forms should be sent to:

1535 Old Hot Springs Rd, Suite 20
Carson City, NV 89706